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Excalibur is a creator led audio platform built for creators to share and monetise their audio content using decentralised blockchain technology.

"We empower creators to build community with their audience and to be rewarded fairly. Excalibur is a Web3 audio platform designed to deliver a higher quality of media with a seamless web3 user experience."

- Simon Smith, CEO & Founder.

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Podcasts, each NFT is an Episode, each collection is a season. With Excalibur.FM, you can mint your audio podcast as an NFT within minutes. When the mint is complete, will be provided with a link that you can share so your content can be streamed, or minted by your audience, enabling you to monetise your content more effectively using web3 technology.


Audio books can be distributed on Excalibur. Each NFT is a chapter, each collection is a book. Upload your entire audio book in one, OR, you can release each chapter individually, as a separate audio NFT with a limited supply for each chapter, increasing its scarcity. You can also use Excalibur to manage where the royalties are sent, e.g., 50% goes to you and 50% goes to your co-creator.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO)

Every item of audio that is minted on Excalibur is DAO. Anyone that mints a copy of the audio NFT will gain access to the gated chat room. A creator can build a community and reward their members for attendance and participation.

Featuring now !

AI Special Guest

Today we have a special guest who works closely with AI, what will we find out?.

AI Special Guest

Mint 0.1 Sol

Why Excalibur ?

No Code & Easy Setup

Upload your first podcast in 5min.

You own it!

$1 for your first upload, then 50 cents each subsequent upload.

Keep your Money

You receive 95% of all donations/mints.

Leave a Legacy

Since we use Arweave, your media will live on a decentralised storage platform.

Energy Efficient

Minting an NFT on solana takes the same amount of energy as 10 google searches.

Meeting Minutes

Store your organization's meeting minutes.

Collaborative Audio

Make an episode and let your holder’s vote on what comes next.


Yeah, that is right, every upload is technically a DAO.

Voice Notes/Ideas

Want to ensure any audio ideas don’t get lost? Take a few minutes to upload them to Excaliur.



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Why would I use Excalibur?

Can I use Excalibur if I am not familiar with Web3, NFTs, or Crypto?

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